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Mould & Damp Removal

Living in damp conditions can be very stressful and added to that, the effects of it on your property. Having developed our mould removal system using specialist anti-fungicide to kill the bacteria and discourage future growth of mould or mildew. We also advise on further prevention of reoccurrence with information on Ventilation and Insulation and how to reduce damp.

It is not advised to use household cleaning products to attempt to kill the bacteria, or to brush the mould off a surface. Brushing it or disturbing the mould will make the spores airborne and more likely to spread where they land especially in damp conditions.

Household products like bleach will clean the area, but unfortunately they won’t kill mould growth. Bleach has a high pH level which makes it ineffective for killing mould. It simply colours it, so it looks like it has disappeared. The problem will return sooner rather than later.

We anti fungicide the entire affected area then scrub the area until no mould or mould stains remain, then wipe the surface down with a solution to remove residual mould and seal the area with a mould primer.

The only lasting remedy for being mould free is to:

  • Locate the source of the cause and fix it
  • Dry out the water affected area therefore eradicating the damp conditions
  • Remove the mould