It’s that time of year again. Yes you’ve guessed it, Pantone have released what they think will be the top ten colours for 2017. Unveiled in conjunction with the various fashion weeks around the world, their predictions are usually pretty spot on. Heck, last year they even hinted at what the colour of the year would be via their spring prediction!

According to Pantone, this year will be rather subdued in comparison to the colourful excesses of 2016. Expect to see plenty of muted, earthy tones as well as Kale, Hazelnut as well as lashings of Lapis Blue and Primrose Yellow. Panton’s annual pronouncements are eagerly awaited by fashionistas and interior designers, but how they actually arrive at their predictions is unclear. This notwithstanding, they are considered to be the authority in the design industry.

This year, we are informed that there are 10 colours that should be popping up all over the place. As mentioned, expect to see healthy and nature-inspired hues. Here’s some of the list.

Kale (earthy green)

This particular colour has become rather popular. Already adorning the walls of bars and restaurants, its use has extended to commercial buildings around the world.

Niagara (denim blue)

Considered to be comfortable, relaxed and dependable, this particular shade of blue has been used by luminaries like Carolina Herrera (?) for a ball-gown as well as other celebrities and trend-setters.

Primrose Yellow (bright yellow)

This sunlight hue is apparently a reminder of nature and emits floral influences. Numerous designers have used this particular shade together with other natural colours like Island Paradise and Hazelnut.

Island Paradise (pale blue)

Victoria Beckham (yes her again) used Island Paradise to eye-catching effect with a velvet dress. So much so, that Panton have included it on their list. It brings to mind bodies of water and relaxation, according to experts.

Flame (coral)

As a red-fused orange, Flame inspires feelings of gregariousness and vivaciousness. So it’s a good party colour that will probably turn heads if you walk into a room. Fashion doyennes such as Gabriela Hearst and Lela Rose can’t get enough of it by all accounts.

Lapis Blue (navy)

Lapis blue adds a touch of vitality and energy to the traditional colour of navy, not to mention a splash of inner radiance. Blues are considered to be anchoring colours so if you’re looking for a bit of change then this is the hue for you.

Pink Yarrow (bright pink)

Pink Yarrow is a familiar shade and has been used in makeup and cosmetics for many years. It’s now finding its way into the garment industry.

Pale Dogwood (pale salmon)

Start up companies around the world are falling over themselves to adorn their walls with Pale Dogwood. As far as designers are concerned, it emits a feeling of lightness and airiness.


Designers are also going nuts about Hazlenut for its warm undertones and neutral vibe. It’s a colour that can be worn all year and is especially popular with cultural icons like, um, Kanye West.